Cleaner Python - 5 Ways to Write Efficient Pythonic Code in Your Next Project

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Python is a pretty easy scripting language compared to many programming languages. Being easy helps you increase your productivity and automate your tasks more quickly.

However, it is still a bit difficult to write clean pythonic code. Let me tell you why this is difficult.

Rare resources on the internet teaching clean code are written in Python. This is a problem because we rarely find a code that is pythonic.

Pythonic code is code that is simple, clean, and readable. That is not achieved in many Python codebases out there. It could be because people translate to Python code. They translate objected oriented language (like Java or C#) to Python. While, in fact, it will be easier to write the same example with less code and in a more readable and even efficient way.

Python has features that you can take advantage of to make the code much cleaner.

Especially because C#, Java, and other object-oriented languages have something in common. They force you to follow a certain, rigid style that is generally unpythonic in nature.

This is where this ebook comes in. I'll show you a better way to use features in Python to make your code clean.

Disclaimer: This is not a book on how to master clean code in Python. This ebook shows you 5 ways to make your code cleaner than before.

Who is this ebook for?

This book targets people who have little background in writing clean code with Python. For those who want to take that knowledge to the next level.

I've designed this ebook to be a practical introduction to clean code in Python. I have tried to exclude the fluff mentioned in many Python tutorials. And rather focus on the uncommon stuff that can make your code really clean.

If that triggers you, then this ebook is definitely for you.

What's in it for you?

In this ebook, I'll cover the following topics:

  1. Using a virtual clean environment
  2. Dictionaries in useful use cases
  3. Using property decorator in your class
  4. Implementing switch statement in Python
  5. Iterators and Generators

Why cleaner Python?

Clean code is code that is helpful for you and other developers in the present and future. It is a code that is easy to understand and maintain.

Python has a philosophy called The Zen of Python. It is a collection of simple rules that help you write clear, idiomatic Python code. Code that would be easy to understand and maintain. It simply prefers simplicity over complexity.

Reading PEP8 documentation will definitely help you write Pythonic code. It is a style guide for best practices in Python.

In this ebook, I'll discuss some best practices mentioned in PEP8 plus I'll show you 5 ways to write efficient Pythonic code to use in your next project.

Want to help me?

Please review the ebook once you read it. It's for free and I'm not intending to make sales off of it.

If you want to donate, that would be awesome. Feel free to put a number on the placeholder '0+' above 'I want this' button.

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Cleaner Python - 5 Ways to Write Efficient Pythonic Code in Your Next Project

8 ratings
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